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Security First does not at this time provide 8 hour Guard Card courses. Applicants must have a BSIS Guard Card Prior to Application for Security Work. Preference is given to officers who already have their AB-2880 Requirements Completed.

Welcome to the Security First family. We say that sincerely. We are a small to medium size security and patrol firm that services the greater San Diego County area for standing patrols, vehicle patrols, special events, short and long term contracts and executive protection services... we also have our hats in a few other things such as CCTV monitoring services and special protection force details.

We endeavor, as a small to medium size company, to treat you as family, and not merely an employee. We hope you will treat us us family in return.

When we use the term family, we are speaking of a relationship, one where your investment in time, efforts in communication, and inter-relations provide an environment of mutual trust, honesty and respect. We are still a rapidly expanding business framework, adding new accounts and security projects all the time in order to provide for our family of employees to provide opportunity and benefit to all within the Security First family circle and the San Diego community at large.

So you can grow with us as a family so long as you meet the expectations and values of our family.

Security First employees

Security First strives for continually improving excellence in the field of security and asset protection. As such, our officer expectation is high, though the job responsibilities may be relatively simple and repetitive. The expectations are very simple.

  • Conduct yourself professionally at all times.
  • Work to please your client and your employer.
  • Work for the safety of the public and your fellow officers.
  • Conduct yourself with honesty and integrity in your every interaction.
  • Have pride in your work.

Meeting the five points above, you will be successful in your job and have the opportunity to pursue your job as a career with opportunity for advancement. In terms of the Security First family values discussed before, it is very simple...

  • Be your best for the family.
  • Work to please your family and friends of the family.
  • Keep your family and friends safe.
  • Be true to your family.
  • Have pride in your family, and your role in the family.

The expectation is that should you accept assignment to a post with Security First, you will commit to a minimum of 90 days of service, and that when you have made the decision to move on, you provide us two weeks notice in writing so that we can find a suitable officer to fill the vacancy you create. Officers who do not provide a two week written notice are barred from re-applying with Security First.

Lance Ruiz

Above: Lance Ruiz, C.O.O. "The expectation is purely professionalism, and all that entails."

What do you need to work on Security First assignments?

First off, you need to be legally capable of working in the United States. You must have all the licenses required by the state for the position you are applying for, which will consist firstly of a BSIS current guard card or guard card printout to work at a security post with us. You must have a copy of the guard card on your person at all times while on assignment, as well as any permits for additional equipment items that require them. We recommend you make a copy of all of your permits and carry in a second wallet, and another copy in your vehicle.

You will be issued basic uniforms. One for part time and two if full time. The uniforms will consist of Midnight Blue slacks, Short/Long Sleeve shirts, and a jacket for night time duty. Unarmed site officers will have a soft patch badge. Armed officers and officers past probationary period will be issued a heavy badge.

The cost of the uniform will be deducted from your first few checks in small increments until paid for. This is your uniform deposit. When you leave us, if your uniforms are in good and clean condition, you will be refunded your uniform deposit. Your pay includes a small allowance for uniform cleaning. The uniforms we issue are easy clean and easy press.

The officer is responsible and must have their own supplemental equipment.

Security First does not provide the following:

  • A black belt with silver buckle or professional duty belt.
  • Black shoes/boots and if assigned to a construction site, OSHA compliant steel toe boots.
  • Hard hat and safety glasses (If assigned to a construction post.)
  • Flashlight (a long handle duty light and short pocket light recommended).
  • 2 pens and small notebook.
  • Handcuffs and 2 keys (if post requires).
  • O.C. Spray and appropriate licenses (if post requires) --Note: An officer may not carry if not licensed.
  • E.C.D./Taser and appropriate licenses (if post requires) --Note: An officer may not carry if not licensed.
  • Baton and appropriate licenses (if post requires) --Note: An officer may not carry if not licensed.
  • Handgun with hollow-point rounds and appropriate licenses (if post requires) --Note: An officer may not carry if not licensed, and may not work armed for Security First unless equipped for escalation of force.
  • Ballistic Vest / bullet resistant vest/body armor.
  • Other public safety accessories.

Your equipment beyond the basic uniform is your own unless specially issued. Security First is not responsible for equipment we did not issue, or the maintenance of your personal equipment. Returned uniforms not returned in clean or usable condition will result in a deduction from the uniform deposit.

Private Investigator Card
correct uniform

This security Industry is full of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. We hope only to have the good at the end of the day.

  • Early to post (If one is five minutes early, one is ten minutes late)
  • Is well rested and alert
  • Dressed to impress
  • Positive Attitude
  • Has pride in his job and in his company
  • Knows his post orders
  • Reports on time, checks in on time
  • Understands the limits of their BSIS powers
  • Does not leave post without being relieved
  • Gives his relief officer a turn over of site activities
  • Seeks help
  • Will be recognized, given more opportunity, and find advancement

Good Officer

Good Officer

The Good Officer

  • Late to post
  • Is poorly rested and distracted
  • Dressed poorly, uniform incomplete, uniform dirty, not in uniform on arrival
  • Complacent at best in attitude
  • Has no sense of pride in his job and appearance
  • Does not know his post orders
  • Does not report on time, does not check in on time
  • Does not understand their BSIS powers
  • Leaves post early without turnover reports or clearance
  • Seeks to do the minimum
  • Has little future in the company and lasts about as long as it takes to find a replacement officer

Bad Officer

Good Officer

The Bad Officer

Same, if not worse than the Bad officer, but is flawed additionally with the following personality defects:

  • Believes post time is for personal business and sleeping
  • Bitter attitude
  • Egotistical
  • Poisonous to other officers
  • Spreads rumors
  • Creates drama and issues at there site and in the office
  • Lies to other officers and superiors
  • Believes the world owes them something
  • Does nothing required of the assignment at all
  • Believes they carry the same powers as law enforcement
  • Finds themselves sent home from site mid shift on suspension or termination at the client request and supervisor action, and possibly charged with a crime

Ugly Officer

Ugly Officer

The Ugly Officer


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